Haida Gwaii

Last month I returned to Tlell in Haida Gwaii after almost 35 years.  What took me so long to go back?  I stayed very close to the place where I spent time there all those years ago.  The beach stretching out in both directions was as I remembered, sand and rounded rocks, driftwood up towards the dunes bordering on the forest of Sitka spruce.  I had use of a small cabin looking out on the water where I set up drawing and sketching materials.  Lighting a fire in the air tight each morning to take the chill off, my days revolved around walking the beach and nearby forest trails, to the meditation of drawing and gazing out towards the changing sea.

Haida Gwaii cabin 72

Haida Gwaii lady slipper72

Haida Gwaii tree 272

Haida Gwaii canoes72