Day to Day Installations

‘Living Lab’, Art is Land Network, summer 2012

Means of Production Garden, Vancouver, BC


MOPVancouver-20120719-00290 MOPVancouver-20120719-00291

Ballast 2012

Car weighted down, submerged.  The bricks damp from being outside cause the windows to fog up as if breathing, last breath, my car no longer a vehicle of the road.  It was a free car 15 years ago with some issues, having traveled to Anchorage and back twice before coming my way.  278,593 km. total.

Timber 2011

rolls of toilet paper printed with water-based pigment in the pattern of wood grain installed in my local secondary Western hemlock and Douglas-fir forest

Nurse Cabinet 2011

Referencing nurse logs or stumps, ‘Nurse Cabinet’ is an old wooden display cabinet placed in my yard as a sort of cabinet of curiosity or terrarium laboratory housing living specimens of native seedlings.  The cabinet will gradually decay as the trees mature, nursed by soil augmented with yard composting leaves, the action of insects, fungi and bacteria.  The cabinet is modified to capture rainwater through glass funnels penetrating the top boards; its interior providing a sheltered environment simulating the conditions of the forest floor.  Two holes drilled into the sideboards will access enclosed shelves for nesting birds.  Set amidst Western red cedars and vine maples, just now coming into leaf, ‘Nurse Cabinet’ looks at notions of scientific collections and impermanence.

Island 2009 

The looped wharf delineates a shape on the foreshore, an island if you like, defining a space distinct from its surroundings.  With the incoming tide, a voyage comes into place; the vessel, as the island, is also different from its surroundings.

Decoy 2009

As a forest intervention, Decoy is composed of the altered triangular front of a pale green tent, suspended through grommets and mono-filament.  In the centre of the mesh door a nest-like weaving of local mosses, lichens and algae frame an opening.  It appears as a blind or decoy, containing or dividing a space, disrupting the distinction of inside and outside, alluding to refuge, it is not a dwelling but a non-dwelling.

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