Journey – a permanent public installation

Journey 2011 – Public Art Project for Noons Creek Bridge, Port Moody, BC

(In collaboration with Rainer Daniels)

A bridge enables passage.  Here, spanning Noons Creek, aspects of the bridge railings have become the body and exposed ribs of two long canoes; their paddle blades cut with patterns referencing natural and man-made elements nearby (water, foliage, drains and signage).  Light cast through the blades mirrors these patterns back into the natural surroundings.

The canoe is a potent symbol.  It speaks of both European explorers and settlers to this area, and of the local First Nations People.  As well, it has become a symbol of escape as urban adventurers strap canoes and kayaks to the roofs of their cars to seek an experience of nature.

This public art project at Noons Creek attaches meaning to this place – making people more aware of where they are and where they are going – to bring an awareness to look closer – what their connections are with this local creek.  The journey of the bridge user is perhaps stilled for a moment, the paddles poised in mid-air as if paying tribute to passage before they conceivably could dip down in unison putting everything into motion.

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