Video installations


(In collaboration with Tiki Mulvihill, Sharon Kallis and Merrell Gerber) 2009

Faeble, a three-part installation, incorporates photographic images, a projected video and four sculptural garment/costumes with accessories.

The photographic images, as well as the video/audio follow a non-literal narrative set in a sublime winter environment, the four characters enacting a quintessentially Canadian faeble, playing: The Tracker, Caribou Sorceress, Camouflage Wolf and Manifest Destiny. Each wanders the landscape with an individual gait and purpose. They stalk, whirl, claim and track imprinting their presence on the land.  From the gentle tracks of animals to the destructive presence of human expansion, they expose our expectations and desires normally veiled beneath rock, soil, and skin.


Flotsam and Jetsam (In collaboration with Tiki Mulvihill)

Titled as the wreckage from a sunken ship, ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ provide a simple means of nonsensical transportation or pathway of circular contemplation.  Two circular ‘wharfs’ float or roll independently, then touch gently, like gears in an ephemeral machine.   Placed in watery environments of trade and commerce, they contrast insignificant human scale with the expansive impact of industry.

Working collaboratively on a number of projects, Tiki Mulvihill and Fae Logie are both Vancouver artists engaging with place as culturally articulated through a correspondence of dwelling and landscape.  Their art practices embrace sculpture, performance, site-specific installation and video, utilizing the juxtaposition of found and manufactured objects within the context of real and imagined space.


At a Distance: Dawn Chorus

(In collaboration with UK artist, Anne Eggebert)

‘At a Distance’ is an on-going collaborative series with artist/curator Anne Eggebert in London, UK.

“To a large extent this has involved the exchange of e-mail conversations relating our sensory experiences of moving through our respective forests and the memories and anecdotes that assign meaning to the idea of forest.  Looking for the familiar in elsewhere and the unknown in the local, a key aspect of ‘At a Distance’ has been to invert the ‘here’ and ‘there’.”
Anne Eggebert
At a Distance: Dawn Chorus installation in Bird Room, Valentine’s Mansion, London

‘At a Distance: Dawn Chorus’, involved the exchange of audio recordings of the forest birds of Port Moody and Chingford played to each others forests via laptop computers displaying the distant forest.



Bute Inlet
Restoration Bay

Scale 1:10,000

Captain George Vancouver was convinced that the only way to make the required scientific survey of all the inlets and islands of the northwest coast, from Lat. 45 degrees up to Cook’s Inlet, was to trace every foot of the continental foreshore.  To this end, his ‘People’ set out in open longboats to literally row most of the more than 10,000 miles covered during the three year survey beginning in 1792.  It is in this act of rowing, both as a physical act and in its implications as a means of mapping, claiming and renaming the land, that my installation takes form.In Scale 1:10,000 the concept of rowing the coastline is utilized to examine cultural differences in naming and ownership.  The video element of this work shows a rower following along a rocky shoreline.  Simultaneously, a mile of surveying tape is released, which is labelled with the hundreds of surviving place names bestowed on this area by Vancouver.  This renamingThroughout the length of the tape, a voice speaks of the land as defined and named by the First Nations Peoples that lived here.   It speaks of names reflecting resources or events and of stewardship.

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